Shop – FAQ

Please send me an email at with any questions not addressed here.

Note that all the items on the site are handmade, and therefore each one is unique. I make them and apply glazes by hand, which causes minor variations in the final product. This is what gives handmade ceramics character, and makes them special. None is perfect, but each is beautiful. All items are hand-signed and dated.


Local pickup is preferred (free), but we can also ship via USPS. If you have a method you believe to be cheaper, please reach out and I will try to accommodate it.

Allow me 2-4 days to ship, then 2 business days for delivery. I will provide tracking if it is available.

International shipping — please email me and we will figure out the best, least expensive option (it will probably still be expensive).


Please let me know immediately if any item arrives damaged. Ceramic pieces are exceptionally strong and durable, and will only break if dropped or heated/frozen improperly. I cannot be held liable if the pieces break during use, but I will gladly try to replace/refund breakage that occurred in transit.

Care and handling of ceramic pieces

All the ceramics sold on this site have been fired to above 2000 degrees Fahrenheit. They are highly capable of withstanding high temperatures, however ceramics have trouble dealing with “thermal shock” – the stress of being exposed to heat too quickly or unevenly. Bearing that in mind, there are a few guidelines for using and heating ceramic pieces:

  • All pieces can be subjected to boiling water, so long as they are room temperature beforehand (or warmer). Do not attempt to go from very cold to very hot quickly – for example, do not freeze a ceramic piece, then expose it to boiling water or hot food.
  • All pieces can go into the oven, microwave, and dishwasher. However, they should not be placed in a hot oven; instead place them inside (with the food you are heating) of the oven, then turn it on. Again, do not put frozen food inside a dish, then place it in the oven. This is more likely to cause a crack or weaken the piece due to the inside of the ceramic being cold while the outside is hot (and expanding). Pizza/bread stones can be stored on the bottom shelf inside of the oven – they actually can help keep your oven hot!
  • Do not freeze anything inside of a ceramic dish – especially water! Ceramic can withstand freezing temperatures while dry, but water expands as it freezes and will break apart ceramic – just like if you were to freeze a glass bottle.
  • None of the ceramics offered on this site are intended for use with an open flame or a stove-top. Pipes are intended for normal use with small lighter-sized flame for a short period; when cleaning them you should use hot water (and not a lighter) to heat and soften any dirt inside. Some ceramics are made to withstand stove-top heating elements or flames, however I do not offer those at this time.