What is this site?

It is brand new, and was hastily put together in order to get the fundraiser for the IAH started.

That being said, it is hoped that it will grow into something bigger.

At the root of this website is a simple, and not new, feminist concept:

the personal is political.

Today, I believe this framework is necessary. In the West we are constantly being bombarded by one urgent and extensive social injustice after another. Something has been festering, and only now are many of us opening our nostrils to its putrid odors. The stench of racism, classism, ableism, speciesm, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, combined with other both identified and yet undiscovered fumes are startlingly overwhelming.

It is easy to feel powerless and destitute.

However. After each disruption, we continue on with our lives. And I hope this site can remind us the power our everyday choices contain. I hope to provide recipes for personal, and therefore political, aid.

Subverting the status quo is now required of everyone. Creativity, compassion, empathy are our tools.